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You can Become a Better Social Media Marketer by Earning These 8 Brand Certifications

The abilities you need to be the best possible social media marketer are always evolving. The best paths to stay competitive are shown below or basically just get into the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.

Digital marketing and social media expertise are more important than ever, especially since online ads now account for more than half of all advertising spending. Take the digital marketing training to get know more.

Social media marketers from the digital marketing agency need up-to-date training and a firm grasp of the platforms and technologies that matter most if they are to stay competitive in a profession that is continuously changing.

One approach to demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you have the expertise required to develop and implement successful social media strategy is through certificates from the digital training institute.Eight of the top solutions have been compiled to assist you in moving forward.

You may become a better social media marketer with these 8 brand certifications.

  1. Udacity offers a nanodegree in digital marketing.

With the help of some of the largest names in technology, including Google, Facebook, and your friends at Digital Sikshya as the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata, this three-month curriculum was developed. It’s intended to jumpstart your professional career as a digital marketer.

The course provides a thorough overview of the field of digital marketing while also covering crucial skills for major social media sites. Online classes are mixed with practical activities including managing and analysing advertisements and doing an SEO audit.

Udacity offers more than just skill development. After completing the programme, Udacity will assist you in connecting with potential employers like Amazon and IBM. Additionally, you will be able to show them your completed projects from your digital marketing portfolio having the courses from the digital training institute.

To make you stand out in your job search, Udacity will even look over your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, you can expand your professional network by connecting with the more than 40,000 grads in their alumni network.

Cost of certification: US$999

courses offered include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Media Advertising with Facebook Blueprint
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads search engine marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Measure and optimise with Google Analytics

are all examples of online marketing strategies.

  • Hootsuite Academy

Hootsuite Academy, which has more than 280,000 students and more than 45,000 certified graduates, offers a variety of useful courses and professionally recognised certifications to help you become a better social media marketer by finding the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.

The best place to begin is with our six-part Social Marketing Training course, which will teach you the fundamentals of social media marketing, including how to grow an audience, establish KPIs, and develop a content plan. After honing your abilities, you can choose to take the certification exam to demonstrate your knowledge and get entry into our list of qualified experts from the digital marketing training.

We offer a variety of advanced certificate programmes to promote your advancement if you want to keep learning and improve your skills.

Cost of certification: $199 USD (Free courses)

courses offered include:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles
  • Growing Your Advocate Community
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Advertising Fundamentals
  • Social Media Strategy from A to Z;
  • Twitter Leadership in Marketing Flight School

Twitter’s own Flight School can assist you in mastering the platform if you want to leave a positive impression on the 330 million users of the social media site.

Twitter Flight School was established to assist businesses in effectively using the network. In 2016, they made it accessible to all.

The Marketing Leadership flight path is made to assist organisations in growing their audiences, analysing their data, and accomplishing their Twitter objectives.

Obtaining your Twitter pilot’s licence doesn’t take long. There are five brief modules in the flight path, andeach simply need 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Despite moving at Mach 5, each one is jam-packed with data, examples, and scenarios that will help you better understand the platform. Four extra modules on subjects like Twitter Ads and Twitter video are also available for you to complete.

A knowledge test is given at the end of each module. You’ll receive a certificate after successfully completing all the modules, which you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile. [But there are some best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata to get upgrade.]

Cost of certification: There are several free courses available, including:

  • Twitter 101
  • Ultimate Guide to Content Planning
  • Meeting Campaign Objectives
  • Reaching the Right People
  • Twitter Marketing Plays.
  • LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, is a platform for massive open online courses (MOOCs). It provides tens of thousands of courses taught by authorities in every subject, including social media and digital marketing along with the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.

Nearly 60 social media marketing courses (comprising more than 1,600 video tutorials) are available on LinkedIn Learning, covering topics from beginner to expert. Lynda’s extensive library has the advantage of containing several special courses for specialised knowledge and professions, such as social media for Nonprofits and Learning Adobe Spark Post.

They also provide a learning path for social media marketing digital training institute. This training class will be delivered by professionals and will cover fundamental subjects like community management, platform-specific marketing, and ROI measurement. A certificate of completion and 15 hours of video training are included.

LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for flexible, self-directed learning on a wide range of topics, even though it may not have the prestige of some other industry-accredited certificate programs.

Cost: $25 USD per month for platform access, certificates included.

Courses offered:

  • Social Media Marketing Foundations
  • Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities
  • Social Media Marketing for Small Business
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Marketing on Twitter
  • Marketing on Snapchat
  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Boot Camp Digital certification in social media

Tens of thousands of people have received online training in social media and digital marketing from Boot Camp Digital for more than ten years. They have amassed a noteworthy clientele, including Nike, NASA, and Google.

They provide more than 70 hours of online video training on marketing strategies for various platforms as part of their Social Media Certification. You can obtain tools and how-to guides to swiftly put great techniques and methods into practise. Also search for the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata to know the perfect way to rise.

This program’s content is updated frequently to reflect changing platforms and market trends.

The weekly one-on-one sessions with a competent trainer are a unique perk of this programme, giving students the chance to ask questions pertaining to their business or industry or seek assistance with a challenging subject.

Graduates also get a LinkedIn professional endorsement in addition to an industry-recognized certification. Additionally, Boot Camp Digital offers certifications in SEO and digital marketing.

Certification Cost: $997 USD

Courses include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook is perhaps the most significant advertising channel for your brand, with more than 2.2 billion users (and a billion on Instagram). But it can also be challenging to master. Features and policies are frequently changed, not to mention that there are millions of other businesses vying for the attention of your audience.

Facebook Blueprint can help with that.

Obtaining a certification from Blueprint demonstrates to potential employers that you have honed advanced Facebook advertising skills, including audience targeting, ad management, and campaign performance measurement from the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.

Because courses are divided up into brief, focused modules, you may learn the platform in depth and completely.

Every course is free. This implies that you are free to take extra courses on Messenger and Instagram in addition to the ones needed for Blueprint Certification.

Facebook is serious about its certification. Before taking the exam, they advise having at least six months of professional Facebook advertising experience.

The certification (valid for a year after you pass the exam) carries significant weight with employers because it is not a simple task.

Certification Cost: Up to $150 USD

Courses include:

  • Instagram for Business
  • Understanding Campaign Performance with Ads Manager
  • Targeting: Core Audiences
  • Closing the Deal with Conversions
  • How to Drive Actions Online, in Stores, and in Mobile Apps
  • Brand Best Practices
  • Online Certification from the Content Marketing Institute

If your content is subpar, no amount of information about audience demographics, measurement tools, or ad formats can help you succeed.

One of the biggest social media trends for 2019 is filling the ad void with inventive content. That implies you’ll have to provide smarter, more original material than your rivals. These tactics gets from the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkatato accumulate the idea of stand the ground.

Consider earning a credential from the Content Marketing Institute to learn how to create content that connects with your audience (CMI).

CMI is not platform-specific in its focus, unlike the majority of other certifications. Instead, it focuses on creating your brand’s narrative and tone of voice and then converting those elements into captivating and original visual content.

Important factors including viewership, measurement, and sharing material across different platforms are also included.

The application can run at its own pace. After registration, materials are accessible for a year. You’ll get your certificate after finishing all required courses and exams.

Certification Cost: $595–$995 USD per learner

Courses include:

  • Killing Marketing
  • Purpose & Focus
  • Audience Vs. Buyers
  • What’s the Story
  • Measure by Design
  • Story mapping
  • Qualification in Google Analytics

Most likely, part of your marketing approach involves attracting customers to your website so they can find out more about your company or make purchases of goods and/or services.

You’ll need to have a firm knowledge of Google Analytics in order to comprehend the total effect of your marketing efforts.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can effectively track important marketing goals like website traffic, conversion rates, and sign-up rates. It keeps track of some of the most crucial social media statistics, such as bounce rate, and lets you calculate ROI using UTM parameters.

Through guided video lectures and practise exercises, Google Analytics Academy aids in the development of a high level of competency with this tool. Gets from the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.

Learners also get access to a trial account with real data and exercises to practise their new abilities in addition to the video courses. Before moving on to the next unit, there is an exam at the end of each one to assess your understanding. Despite the course’s emphasis on e-commerce, all businesses can benefit from its lessons.

You can take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam at the Google Academy for Ads after finishing the first two courses at your own speed. Topics including data collection, configuration, conversion and attribution, and reports are covered in the exam.

Your certificate will be in effect for a year.

Certification Cost: Free

Courses include:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics 360

With free training from Digital Sikshya as the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata, you can acquire the key social media marketing skills you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.