Diploma In Digital Marketing

Our Institutional Teaching is an initial course in instructing and learning in tertiary business, planned by staff at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning from the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata. With input from educators, visitors and interviewees, including showing grant champs, understudies, and specialists in the fields, you will be presented to explore proof comparable to viable college educating and down to earth informative plan techniques with having the Diploma In Digital Marketing course from our end. You will likewise be presented to different instances of viable educating, and hear the perspectives on educators whose showing has been decided to be astounding. All the more explicitly, Institutional Teaching will assist you with resolving the accompanying inquiries for digital marketing course in Kolkata: – What does instruct in advanced training include? – What in all actuality does explore proof enlighten us concerning compelling instructing in advanced training? – How would we be able to guarantee that our informative plan will assist our understudies with accomplishing their planned learning results? – What institutional choices do we need to make our instructing effective? – What evaluation and input practices can assist our understudies with training all the more successfully? In the wake of finishing the learning undertakings in this course, you will actually want to: – Discuss the instructing and learning setting in advanced training and consider the likely difficulties and potential open doors you may experience. – Explain key instructing and business ideas and applicable proof corresponding to compelling institutional education. – Analyse the connections between different parts of educating and understudy training. – Identify a scope of informative systems to help viable understudy learning. – Apply key ideas to the organizing obviously blueprints and illustration plans to make opportunities for growth to help effective understudy learning with having the knowledge in digital marketing fees in Kolkata.

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from this january 2022

course duration : 1 Year

At 5-6 hrs/week

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Content marketing

Email marketing

Mobile marketing

Paid search

Programmatic advertising

Reputation marketing

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing

Video marketing

Web analytics



Digital Marketing Tools For Training Programs


Digital Marketing Fundamentals

1. What is Digital Marketing?

2. What is called KPI & What are the KPI’s?

3. Types of Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing


4. The process of Digital Marketing.


5. What is Search Engine?


6. How Search Engine Works?


7. LSI method, Basic HTML structure.

Website Planning and Creation)

  1. Logo Design
  2. Print & Editorial Design
  3. Pattern Design and Illustration
  4. Package Design
  5. Branding Design
  6. UX/UI Design
  7. social media /Digital Graphic Designer


  1. What is SEO?
  2. What is keyword research?
  3. What is competition research?
  4. Role of content writing
  5. What is landing page & landing page guidance?
  6. Fundamentals of SEO (WordPress practice SEO)
  1. H1 Tag, H2-H6 Tag
  2. Content length & uniqueness (Tool)
  3. Image Alt Tag
  4. Keyword Proximity, Keyword consistency
  5.  Keyword Density (Tool)
  6. Contextual internal vs External Link
  7. Cornerstone Content

Advanced SEO

1. Search Snippet


2. Rich Snippet & structured data.


3. Robots.txt/ Meta Robot tag. & sitemap.


4. 301 redirect & canonical


5. Open Graph


6. Google Local & Local SEO (NAP Data)


7. RSS Feed


8. Page Cache & Mobile Responsiveness


9. 404 Broken Checker.


10. SEO Audit & tools


11. Boiler Plate Content


12. SEO Do & Don’t (Whitehat vs Blackhat)


Popularity & Link Building

  1. Definition
  2. Backlink/ inbound or external link
  3. Nofollow & dofollow.
  4. Pagerank Concept
  5. Best Practices
  6. PA & DA
  7. Google WMT
  8. Anchor Text.
  9. Natural link profile.
  10. Practical
  11. How to find relevant sites for backlinks

PPC/ Google AdWords

  1. Definition PPC/CPC & PPA/CPA
  2. Concept of Bidding
  3. Types of Ads & search and display network


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