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Digital Marketing Ideas to Bring in Qualified Buyers for Real Estate

The real estate industry is both difficult and potentially lucrative. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) research from 2022, 86% of recent home buyers did it through a real estate agent or broker and most recent upgrade will be digital marketing training which is more lucrative in market.

The fact that 73% of buyers only spoke with one real estate agent during their house search was also revealed by the same study, underscoring the significance of raising awareness and reaching out to potential customers as soon as feasible. That’s why everyone working in the industry really must have a firm grasp of real estate marketing using social media marketing training.

I’ve listed a few effective real estate marketing strategies for agents below. These marketing suggestions will assist you in developing a successful marketing strategy, regardless of whether you are a beginning realtor or an established realtor trying to draw in new clients.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Real Estate
  1. Make a website, first.

Making a website for your real estate company will allow you to showcase your offerings to potential customers. Include listings and constantly update them on your website. This encourages visitors to return to your website as they look for properties.

To make your website stand out, include something a little surprising. Consider our mortgage calculator, which adds value for visitors quickly.

Why It Functions

Making a website gives potential purchasers a digital hub where they may learn more about homes that are available. They’ll also be able to find out more about the realtor you’re using to represent them.

A website is a terrific method to build your own brand, showcase positive feedback from clients you’ve assisted, and keep bringing in more qualified prospects, whether you work for a brokerage or operate your own business.

  • Create a blog.

You can also start a blog and write SEO-friendly articles. This guarantees that your posts consistently appear in prospect search results. You may identify the search terms and keywords your target clientele are using with the use of tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs, and these tools will also provide you with suggestions for new subject matter.

Provide links to your profile pages on other real estate websites and make it simple for people to access your main website so they can learn more about you and your company.

Also, remember to make engaging photos for your postings. Any blog article or email marketing campaign will benefit greatly from this infographic.

Why It Functions

By showcasing your industry knowledge on a blog, you may build trust with potential customers. Blogs provide a platform for disseminating news, happenings, and guidance for prospective customers in the business. You can maintain your audience’s attention so that they will consider you while making a purchase.

Best for: New real estate agents that want to increase their clientele while developing their reputation as trustworthy members of the community.

  • Create email marketing initiatives.

Send a monthly email that compiles the articles from your blog and notify contacts when new real estate listings become available. Include pictures of the houses with links to the complete listing, a walkthrough video of the property, or virtually stage the house.

Why It Functions

You can engage with previous and new clients in real estate marketing by creating email marketing campaigns with well gathered digital marketing training. Agents can increase their chances of getting recommendations or repeat business by staying in touch with their audience.

Pro tip: To increase the likelihood that your clients will open your emails, add a sense of urgency and intrigue to the subject lines. Here are 20 guidelines for creating attention-grabbing topic lines.

  • Use digital staging.

Buyers can get a sneak peek at the home’s appearance on a virtual staging website. You may stage a property virtually and save time and money by doing so.

85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% more than upstaged properties, according to a 2023 study. The decoration procedure is made simple by virtual staging.

Why It Functions

Before seeing a property, virtual buyers might picture themselves living there. They may better grasp how to use the space and what it would look like if they lived there by providing a virtual image of a furnished residence.

What we enjoy: Whether you’re working on behalf of buyers or sellers, virtual staging can be advantageous in the post-pandemic environment by bringing open houses online.

  • Examine experiential advertising.

Engaging your customers through experiential marketing “invite[s] an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation” Plan an open house, a home purchasing seminar, or a tour of the neighbourhood you’re selling in.

Why It Functions

An efficient real estate marketing tactic, experiential marketing brings a real estate agent’s brand to life through immersive events. The property listings can then be fully explored by buyers, leading to stronger connections and improved conversion rates.

Pro tip: Using distinctive marketing strategies will help you stand out from the competition and develop close relationships with members of your community in the U.S., where there are currently more than 3 million active real estate licensees.

  • Collaborate with nearby companies.

Utilize your contacts in the area to collaborate with apparel boutiques, home furnishings showrooms, and coffee shops to promote listings and ask them to take part in an open house event. Install pop-up stores in various areas of your open house as a creative strategy to attract potential customers.

Why It Functions

You can work with nearby businesses to establish discounts on products that can be provided to home buyers, and local collaboration popups can inspire prospective buyers to explore each space. Additionally, you can highlight nearby companies to enhance the neighbourhood’s appeal.

What we like: Gaining brand recognition among well-known neighbourhood businesses helps encourage word-of-mouth advertising and local customers’ recommendations.

  • Implement paid Instagram marketing.

Another method for connecting with potential buyers, promoting your listings, and developing your brand is Instagram. With a paid promotion, your most stunning photographs can attract even more viewers which is also needed to be monetized with proper digital marketing training.

You can choose a target audience, spending limit, post type (such as an image, video, or carousel), and promotion duration for Instagram advertisements. Additionally, you can utilize certain hashtags to make sure your posts are seen by the audience you want to reach.

Why This Works for Money Instagram advertising give agents the ability to precisely target their targeted clientele. Instagram advertising can target particular demographics to ensure that the most appropriate audience sees the advertisement.

A top advice is to use Instagram or TikTok video advertising to promote listings as well as to establish your personality and credibility with potential customers.

  • Take pictures with a drone.

Take expansive drone photos of the outside of the house and the surrounding area. To get the ideal shot, buy a drone or employ a drone service like House Lens or Sold by Air.

Make your listings more exciting by using the photographs. You can use video to illustrate outside elements like patios and pools in addition to your virtual tours or walkthroughs.

Lack the skills in drone photography to showcase your clients’ property in the best possible way? Numerous skilled photographers work for companies like Drone Base, which focuses on both residential and commercial real estate.

Why It Functions

Your listings may look more appealing and professional if they include drone photos. They are an excellent approach to give potential buyers more information about the house and its surroundings.

Best for: Real estate in picturesque locales.

  • Make a profile on Zillow.

Zillow’s audience of over 188 million people every month enables you to advertise your company to tens of thousands of fresh customers. The procedures to create your profile are listed in this Zillow website.

Why It Functions

Your profile gives you the opportunity to engage with potential customers and share your listings with a big audience, which increases your chances of finding a new buyer.

What we like: You may connect with a larger audience and create a free Zillow profile.

  1. Request suggestions.

Did you know that 41% of real estate sellers who use agents got them through recommendations from friends or family? If you’re not, you should start asking for recommendations.

A reference request should be included in your email when you follow up with buyers a few months after they’ve moved into their new home to see how they’re doing.

the subject line Is it starting to feel like home?

Greetings, [Buyer’s name]

I’m hoping you’re settling in well to your lovely house! I’m delighted to have been able to assist you throughout the process. You made a terrific choice choosing the area in which to purchase it.

I had a great time dealing with you. I would be delighted to assist any friends or family members who are looking to purchase or sell a home in the neighbourhood. I’ll be having a happy hour the following week so that attendees and I can discuss the market.

Please feel free to distribute this event’s link to any potential participants: Add a link to the event page.


(Your name)

Some brokers will offer to organize a housewarming celebration for their new homeowners, using the guest list from the event to set up meetings with prospective purchasers.

Why It Functions

Agents can generate fresh leads by simply asking customers if they know anyone who needs real estate services. Referrals are also frequently the highest quality leads. They have a greater degree of faith in you because they are already familiar with your work.

Pro tip: When requesting referrals, try not to come off as aggressive or intrusive. Clients can be reminded to recommend you to their friends and family with a pleasant message at closing or in follow-up emails. And don’t be hesitant to provide a gift of appreciation for any referrals you get.

  1. Create original videos.

Video may be a very effective tool for realtors, as is well known. And the price need not be thousands of dollars.

Video can be a method to stand out from the competition, whether you choose to make a professionally produced video like the one below with client testimonials or utilize video software to record a message from your laptop offering your services to a possible client.

Why It Functions

With the help of promotional videos, you can personalize your business and establish a relationship with potential customers having social media marketing training. You can also set yourself apart from rivals by showing your own selling qualities.

Pro tip: Add some flair to your films to make the most of them. Interview current or former customers, provide drone aerial footage of your ads, or take the lead role. This might be a wonderful approach to demonstrate your individuality and gain the trust of potential customers.

  1. Share webinar hosting.

Do you want local buyers and sellers to find it simple to comprehend the market? Host a webinar on a subject of interest to folks thinking about making a real estate move in collaboration with a nearby lender, title business, or perhaps your preferred staging company.

For instance, you could collaborate with a company that offers home renovation services to host a webinar on the best upgrades homeowners can make to increase the value of their properties. This can be important information that merchants can’t discover online because these preferences can vary per state.

Why It Functions

Your webinar presenters might provide special perspectives and knowledge on a certain subject, drawing more prospective customers. Additionally, co-hosting a webinar gives agents a chance to highlight their expertise and give their brand a human face.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to ask people who want to join your webinar for their opt-ins. You can contact guests directly after the event if you ask for their names, email addresses, and other contact details it will be needed in digital marketing training.

  1. Gather and present testimonies.

Through your real estate marketing, you may strengthen your credibility and cultivate trust by referencing happy past clients. Contact the consumers you assisted after a successful sale to request a paragraph-long testimonial about how helpful you were.

Put the content on your website as soon as you obtain it and have the clients’ consent to use it so that potential clients may see how well you’ve previously treated people in similar circumstances.

Why It Functions

Testimonials promote credibility with prospective customers and increase social proof. The personal ties and experiences that these comments illustrate between agents and their clients are a great way to show potential clients what a partnership may be like.

Ideal for: Share customer testimonials wherever you can—on your website, in email newsletters, on social media, etc.—as they are one of the finest ways to gain the trust of future customers. To spice things up, you can even make video testimonials!

  1. Make use of conventional media for advertising.

Even if the real estate industry is not immune to the growing tide of digital transformation, some traditional marketing strategies might still be useful in a real estate marketing plan. The marketing efforts of real estate agents are frequently aided by more conventional media, such as newspaper ads and billboards.

Why It Functions

The use of traditional advertising, which enables agents to target particular geographic areas, is the best method for promoting nearby real estate properties. To raise brand awareness, combine this tactic with internet marketing.

What we enjoy: Snail mail and other conventional advertising channels can help you stand out from the crowd in the digital age of today. Additionally, studies have shown that consumers are more likely to respond to print ads than digital commercials.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Real estate agents are not an exception to this rule; it applies to all entrepreneurs who manage websites. Your web browsing should be as seamless as possible. When potential customers want to learn more about your company, they shouldn’t have to navigate a cumbersome “desktop condensed onto a phone screen” mobile site.

Why It Functions

Potential customers can browse and navigate their listings on any device thanks to mobile optimization. Due to the faster loading times they provide to potential users, Google also gives preference to mobile-friendly websites with social media marketing training.

Pro tip: When creating a new website, use a template that includes built-in mobile optimization.

  1. Make use of social media profiles actively.

One of the best ways to position yourself as a trusted counsel is to keep an active, interesting social media presence. Join regional Facebook groups and respond to any pertinent questions that are posted there. Then you can make the same moves on websites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can also provide your followers with informative articles. Establish your authority in your field by proving that you are knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

Why It Functions

Real estate agents who are knowledgeable about their field, their specialization, and their locales are in high demand from potential clients. A positive social media presence demonstrates your knowledge of all these subjects.

Advice: If you don’t have the time to maintain social media but have the money, think about hiring a specialist in social media marketing to assist you. They will be skilled at producing and evaluating content for a variety of channels, and they can assist you in forming partnerships with influencers to further promote your business.

  1. Keep an email newsletter going.

Sending out regular newsletters is one approach to stay active in the minds of potential customers. Send them pertinent information, inform them of neighbourhood real estate news, and keep them informed about new listings nearby with learning the best digital marketing training.

Your newsletter only needs to be sufficient to keep people thinking of you by letting them know you’re keeping up with developments in your local market. It needn’t be overly complicated or exhaustive.

Why It Functions

Email newsletters offer a practical means of keeping customers informed, interested, and current with market developments. Agents can nurture leads and gain clients’ trust by routinely sending out newsletters.

Best for: Regular newsletters are a terrific way to stay on your customers’ minds, whether they are considering making a purchase themselves or suggesting you to a friend.

  1. Design a unique business card.

One of the best methods for real estate agents to promote their businesses and exhibit expertise is by printing strong, aesthetically pleasing business cards.

Why It Functions

Business cards are simple to distribute and can be used to your advantage when meeting potential customers in person. They work as prompt calls to action for any prospect talks and are essentially micro-marketing tools.

Pro tip: Steer clear of producing your business cards in strange shapes or sizes or stuffing them with excessive information. Keep your message brief, straightforward, and wallet-sized. A little bit is often enough.

  1. Create walkthrough videos.

Modern consumers are open to immersive experiences, particularly when learning about potential residences. Conducting extensive video tours of the homes you’re leasing or selling and sharing such films with your listings will boost your real estate marketing’s authenticity and curiosity.

Why It Functions

Agents can help prospective buyers gain a better sense of a property’s layout, size, and general vibe by offering high-quality video tours of the property.

These visits can also help both clients and agents save time. Before scheduling an in-person viewing, potential buyers can immediately decide whether a property is a good fit.

Pro tip: Do not mix together personal videos with online guides. Make sure the living room and surroundings are the main focus when showing a property. There are appropriate times to display your personality and appropriate times to provide prospective customers with the details they require to feel confident making a choice. Time for the latter is now.

  • Spend money on branded merch.

People enjoy receiving free gifts, whether they be can koozies, pens, mugs, keychains, or anything else. If you can offer such promotional items, you should. It’s a great technique to spread awareness of your company and keep your services in the minds of potential customers.

Why It Functions

Long after a client has used your services, branded swag gives them a physical remembrance of you. Additionally, your swag can foster pride and loyalty among staff members, who value getting products that advertise their association with the business.

Don’t squander your money on cheap promotional goods like key chains or pens that will be tossed away. If you decide to purchase branded merchandise, opt for something useful or eye-catching, such as amusing koozies, a lovely mug, a chic tote bag, or high-quality pens that write well.

Real Estate Marketing Plan Template: How to Write One

The following query is, “What’s the plan?” now that you have some marketing suggestions. Measuring success in your real estate business and marketing plan is challenging without specific goals. When creating your marketing plan, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Make a vision statement, first.

What do you hope to achieve both now and in the future? Create a vision statement to spell out the objectives you hope to accomplish. This makes outlining the stages to achieving your company’s vision easier.

  • Determine who your ideal client is.

To whom are you advertising? Are you going to market to house buyers, renters, sellers, etc.? Knowing the personalities, you’re selling to helps you focus your marketing efforts on the right people.

  • Set objectives.

Establish objectives for your entire marketing initiatives and list the techniques you’ll employ to meet these objectives. What business objectives do you want to accomplish? And how will you determine whether these objectives have been accomplished?

  • Choose your unique selling proposition (USP).

Consider how you set yourself out from the competitors. When creating your proposition, consider the following queries:

What can you provide that no one else can?

  • How does your distinct style or personality add value for potential clients?
  • What is the most recent price, selling, and purchasing trends in your market?
  • How can you explain these trends—including the numbers—to potential customers?
  • Establish the budget and tools for each plan.

Choose the best marketing strategies for your company, selling point, and desired target market. Determine how much of your budget to allot to each strategy after that.

  • Evaluate output.

Once you’ve determined the marketing strategies you’ll employ, make a list of important indicators to gauge their effectiveness. Establish a target and a timetable for the strategy or campaign. Using an Instagram paid advertisement as an example

Campaign:Instagram post marketing

Promotional period: three weeks

Goal:The post should receive 1,000 impressions with a 1% click-through rate as its objective.

Do I need to work with a real estate marketer?

That is a challenging question. One is that the term “real estate marketer” lacks a precise definition. There are a number of possible marketing strategies for real estate professionals that don’t require hiring a consultant or other outside entity. For instance, you most likely don’t require a marketer to record a brief housing tour.

However, real estate agents frequently lack the time, money, and expertise to take on specific marketing activities, which are frequently outsourced to freelancers.

You may wish to hire some specialists if you’re having trouble with website design, content generation, graphic design, SEO, or any other technical or creative procedure that is outside the scope of your expertise.

Make a plan for your real estate marketing.

You can attract new clients to your services with the help of these marketing strategies with proper digital marketing training. Setting goals for your marketing campaigns and developing the procedures to achieve them will be made easier with the aid of a marketing strategy.

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